Justin brings a decade of experience to JTM, and is a perfect fit with our company values,” said President Martin O’Leary. “The advancement of the culture of safety that we have cultivated is highly dependent on understanding human behavior. Justin’s Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology will help enhance our safety program exponentially,” O’Leary added.

Molocznik will be responsible for directing and overseeing all aspects of workplace safety at JTM. Most recently a Safety Manager at Mortenson Construction, his previous experience also includes Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc., where he was a Director, and CH2M (now Jacobs Civil Engineering) where he served as Regional HSE Manager.

JTM’s uncompromising commitment to safety as a core value drew me to the company. My approach to safety is all-encompassing, using all tools available, emphasizing areas of behavior-based ideologies and human performance,” stated Molocznik. “The added value comes in crafting safety planning down to the individual level, understanding how work is both planned and completed, and how the two interact.” Molocznik concluded.

JTM’s focus is ensuring a safe workplace so that our team members return home safely every night. We’re proud of the fact that both our Lost-Time Incident Rate and EMR consistently outperform the industry average. JTM has been a member of the AGC’s Safety Team for more than 15 years, and we make a safe workplace a top priority, having successfully created a safety-conscious corporate culture.