JTM’s mantra, “OneJTM,” embodies concepts such as safe choices, comradery, inclusivity, opportunity, and consistency in our procedures, practices, and actions.

“JTM is committed to building better lives through representation, employee wellness, safety, and opportunity throughout our business practices. A culture of opportunity and inclusion is at the heart of JTM’s values and business approach.”

— Onejtm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Mission Statement

Actions & Outreach

JTM has pledged a commitment to the AGC of Washington’s Culture of CARE (Commit, Attract, Retain, Empower). Culture of Care contractors, including JTM, are committed to an intentional and practical culture that can positively impact the construction industry by improving employee productivity, recruiting and retaining top talent, increasing innovation, and creating a safer workplace.


  1. Our active OneJTM DEI Committee is comprised of representatives from the JTM Leadership Team and a diverse group of employees.
  2. Our commitment to targeted outreach and partnering with diverse trade partners and suppliers throughout the Puget Sound region.
  3. Our participation in DEI educational activities through ANEW and the AGC’s Culture of Care Program.
  4. Our recruitment and promotion of diverse employees throughout the organization.

How we put purpose into practice

  • Engage with, and utilize, the disadvantaged business associations within the local community for outreach planning.
  • Meet with disadvantaged businesses and get to know their staff, culture, and capabilities, creating open lines of communication with JTM.
  • Utilize Building Connected (trade partner and supplier outreach database) and personal outreach to disadvantaged businesses to describe the project opportunity and encourage their participation.
  • Identify scopes of work or bid packages that can be broken down into smaller bid packages, which may be more manageable for smaller firms.
  • Distribute trade partner and supplier Invitations-to-Bid documents to plan centers. This option is typically only used on public sector projects.
  • Encourage our larger trade partners and suppliers to conduct outreach to disadvantaged and sub-tier businesses.
  • Ensure a thoughtful inclusion of disadvantaged businesses are included in all Invitations-to-Bid.