Ensuring A Safe Workplace

We Protect Our People And The Community Like Family

JTM Construction makes it a priority that our team members return home safely every night. As the general contractor on large, complex jobsites, we embrace our responsibility for the care, custody, and control of each project we build. With safety always a foremost concern, JTM has developed a dynamic behavioral-based safety management approach with a comprehensive Safety Management Program.

Our team works hard to ensure a safe workplace. We’re proud of the fact that both our Lost-Time Incident Rate & EMR consistently outperform the industry average

Our comprehensive safety program has been developed to protect all employees, trade partners, Owner personnel, site visitors, and the public on all of our projects. Our goal is to eliminate property damage and industrial injury accidents by providing a clean, safe work environment. JTM’s safety programs have been carefully designed to promote safe working practices, and to provide leadership that encourages, guides, instructs, and insists upon compliance from all employees, trade partners, and site visitors to ensure our documented safety policies and procedures are strictly adhered to. We have been a 10+ year member of the AGC’s Safety Team,  and are proud of our safety-conscious corporate culture and continuous efforts towards making the safety of each workplace a top priority.

  • Our commitment to safety hinges on a holistic and pragmatic approach to safety performance, with buy-in from every employee and team member.
  • We are committed to the total health and well-being of our workforce and trade partners.
  • We take every opportunity to learn and evolve, our safety journey is in the pursuit of changing the industry.
  • We employ a dedicated and accountable Safety Director who guides the culture, implements safety measures, and manages client and trade partner relationships.
  • A comprehensive safety training program with a focus on occupational, industrial, and environmental safety.
  • Project schedules that emphasize safety, pre-planning, and attention to detail.
  • Unwavering adherence to COVID Safety Protocols including sanitation and cleaning practices, constant communication, and vigilant supervision.
  • We base our approach on being proactive, we do not base our safety success on lagging metrics.

JTM is proud of the fact that our EMR Rate, has been 0.6000 since 2018, and our ZERO lost-time injuries has consistently outperformed the industry standard since 2015. We base our approach on being proactive, and do not base our safety success on lagging metrics.

“We believe that safety comes from both understanding the behaviors of those planning and conducting the work, as well as the environments and work systems they work in.”


At JTM, we take our employees’ health and safety, trade partners, and visitors that work our jobsites very seriously. Our COVID Safety Protocols requires that anyone entering our jobsites, or engaging with jobsite personnel, join in our efforts to maintain a safe work environment for all individuals associated with JTM projects.

On every jobsite, we have designated JTM and trade contractor COVID-19 supervisors present on-site at all times to monitor the health of employees and enforce the COVID-19 Prevention Controls. We’ve  sanitation stations with hot water for handwashing and daily hygiene for every jobsite. We’ve instituted additional sanitation practices, including cleaning and disinfecting frequently used tools and equipment, high touch areas, and other work environment elements, where possible.

We continue to evaluate all jobsites daily and adjusts prevention controls as needed to ensure complete safety. Our Safety Site Manager communicates changes to the jobsite to the entire project team to take the necessary actions regarding staff, trade partners, and field personnel.